Situated on the outskirts of Aurora, Colorado, Buckley Air Force Base stands as a symbol of strength, security, and service. Since its establishment in 1942, Buckley AFB has played a pivotal role in defending the nation’s airspace, supporting military operations worldwide, and fostering partnerships with local communities.

Originally known as Buckley Field, the base was named in honor of 1st Lt. John Harold Buckley, a World War I aviator who tragically lost his life in a crash during a training mission. Over the decades, Buckley AFB has evolved into a strategic hub for the United States Air Force, housing a diverse array of units and missions critical to national defense.

At the forefront of Buckley AFB’s mission is the 460th Space Wing, responsible for operating and maintaining a constellation of satellites that provide essential communications, surveillance, and navigation capabilities to military forces around the globe. From monitoring potential threats to facilitating precision-guided airstrikes, the space professionals at Buckley AFB play a vital role in ensuring the nation’s security and military superiority.

In addition to its space operations, Buckley AFB is home to the Colorado Air National Guard’s 140th Wing, which operates F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft. These skilled aviators stand ready to respond to a variety of missions, including homeland defense, combat operations, and disaster relief efforts. Their presence reinforces Buckley AFB’s commitment to safeguarding the skies and protecting American interests at home and abroad.

Beyond its military mission, Buckley AFB is deeply integrated into the fabric of the Aurora community. Through outreach programs, volunteer initiatives, and partnerships with local organizations, the base seeks to enhance the quality of life for service members, veterans, and their families. From educational opportunities to recreational activities, Buckley AFB strives to create a supportive environment where personnel and their loved ones can thrive.

Moreover, Buckley AFB actively collaborates with civic leaders, first responders, and emergency management agencies to strengthen disaster preparedness and response capabilities in the region. Through exercises, training sessions, and joint initiatives, the base ensures that Aurora and its surrounding areas are well-equipped to handle emergencies and crises of all kinds.

As Buckley AFB continues to adapt to evolving threats and challenges, its commitment to excellence, integrity, and service remains unwavering. Whether defending the nation’s airspace, supporting military operations overseas, or enriching the local community of Aurora, CO, Buckley AFB stands as a steadfast guardian of freedom and a source of pride for Aurora and the nation as a whole.

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