Choosing the right contractor for you

choosing the right contracctor

    Choosing the right contractor can feel like a daunting task, overwhelming to say the least. We have put together a few things you look at When choosing the right contractor for you.


    Always try to choose local. When looking for a contractor a local contractor will be more aware of the types of damage that is common in your area. An example is weather damage, here in Colorado we see more damage cause by wind and hail whereas on the East coast the is more damage cause by frequent rain and snow with temperature fluctuation.  A company who has worked and built a reputation in your area will be more equipped to handle emergency situations and prevent further damage while you are filing with your insurance company.

Beware of Fly by Night Companies

   Beware of Fly by Night Companies and storm chasers. These are companies either brand new to the area or coming about because of recent large storms or because the view a neighborhood with houses that are coming up for repair. Many times, these companies seek out people with homes that they see as an easy sale. They often are not licensed in your area or have not built a reputation for quality work. They may offer the lowest price but offer little to no guarantee of the quality.  Imagine, you and your insurance dole out the cost of repair and then disaster strikes, poor quality work and materials mean your roof is still leaking and has to be redone! You try to contact the persons responsible and they are gone! It is always a sounder choice to check for references and longevity in your contracting company. Asking for licenses and documentation can help you feel at ease.


    One easy way to research the companies you are considering is to check their reviews online. There are various review sites that can let you see how other customers feel about the company and their work. You may also want to check their social media presence. Most companies now use social media as away to communicate and let people know that they are actively putting themselves out there to be seen. Another way to make sure you are choosing the right contractor is simply to go to their website and browse. It should be easy to view their services connect to any social links and contact them. If you are not a fan of online reviews, don’t be afraid to ask for customer references.


Remember CHEAPER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER!  When you get a proposal make sure it is detailed. Once again, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Contractors should not hesitate to answer any questions you may have about any part of the process from beginning to end. Communication is a must! Do you feel comfortable that your questions with the communication you’ve had so far? Do you feel that pricing is fair? Will they be willing to work with your insurance?

Working with your insurance company

 Filing a claim with your insurance company may seem like a completely separate task. Insurance companies and contractors should work together to get you the most accurate amount toward your roof replacement.  Once your claim is started someone from your will come out and assess the damage. They may not be aware of all the damage. You may not be allotted the full amount of the bill. Your contractor can show the claim person the extent of the problem can help your insurance company make an accurate quote. Having a professional on your side can help get your home repaired faster.


    Ask about WARRANTIES. An experienced company should be able to inform you about warranties for the product used and for workmanship.  Quality materials and services should provide a longer warranty. These steps should make you feel confident in your choice.

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  We hope we have assisted you in making your decision.  Our belief is that having the information you need to make your choice is a must. PJD Construction &Roofing is a local family owned and operated roofing company. We offer decades of experience as well as pride in our customer service and our workmanship. We believe your experience with us will be a good one. Let us assist you in making your decision. Feel free to Contact us on our contact page or by phone @720-275-4580.

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