PJD Construction and Roofing is the Best Choice When Looking for a Roofing Contractor.

PJD Construction and Roofing is the Best Choice

When Looking for a Roofing Contractor

Does your commercial property need a flat roof that looks great, repels the elements, and lasts for years? Business property managers who are looking for the best commercial roofing company in Denver CO turn to one company, PJD Construction and Roofing. As an experienced roofing contractor with expertise in specialty roofing, PJD Construction and Roofing is the best flat roofing contractor in Denver CO.

Aurora, CO-based PJD Construction and Roofing can handle all your roofing contractor needs. Whether it’s a roof tear-off, small or major roof repairs or a complete replacement, our expert staff members know how to get the job done professionally with minimal interruption to your employees or your customers.

We specialize in two of the most frequently used specialty roofing methods: EPDM and TPO, along with other roofing techniques. We can inspect your roof and recommend the right method to give you the roof that meets your commercial roofing Denver CO needs.

Each Method Has Advantages

An understanding of the two cold process roofing methods helps us partner with you for your roofing needs. Both techniques use advanced technologies that offer durability and protection from the varying types of weather found in Denver Colorado.

TPO Roofs
TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roofs are made from a single-ply material. They can be applied using a number of techniques, including adhered, mechanically connected, or point-affixed.

One significant advantage to a TPO roof is its composition. The co-polymerized rubber provides excellent flexibility in cold climates. The material construction makes these roofs tough to puncture and allow for great long-term seasoning. TPO roofing has been in use in the United States for about 30 years. It is used frequently for new construction and re-roofing projects.

If you’re looking to get creative, TPO roofing is a good choice, as it comes in an extensive range of colors to match other property designs or to make your building stand out. If your existing roof surface is abrasive, TPO roofing works well to cover concrete or granules.

EPDM Roofs
These roofs are constructed from an ethylene and propylene synthetic rubber. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) comes in either black or white. What it lacks in color choice it makes up for in size options, with panels available from 7.5 feet to 50 feet. EPDM is a popular choice for roofs worldwide and throughout Denver CO.

Sections of EPDM roofs can be installed mechanically, fully adhered or ballasted, and sealed using either a specialized tape or a liquid adhesive. While EPDM roofs have been available since the 1970s, technological improvements have helped lessen installation time and made for safer work conditions.

EPDM shines when it comes to protection from the elements. These roofs are highly waterproof and puncture resistant, putting up a fight against hail, ice and wind alike. EPDM also helps reduce energy costs.

The PJD Construction and Roofing and Roofing Difference

For 35 years, PJD Construction and Roofing has been serving the Denver CO area with commercial roofing services. We offer the longest-available warranties from roofing manufacturers, rarely use subcontractors, carry multiple registrations and certifications, and stand by our work. When you need roofing work, PJD Construction and Roofing is the partner you need. For commercial roofing in Denver CO, contact PJD Construction and Roofing at 720-275-4580.


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